Treating illness with Chinese Medicine naturally

admin August 31, 2015

Chinese medicine has been practicing in the clinic about five thousands years, it is the oldest with recording medicine in China and eastern countries. Ancient Chinese medicine without name of autoimmune diseases but there is many symptoms, description and treatment describing how to maintain and balance of immunity, treat autoimmune diseases and immune related diseases. For more information about how ancient Chinese medicine treats autoimmune diseases, first of all, we need to understand and review same Chinese medical history, theories, principle of the treatment that will help understand it. Because of Chinese medicine uses different words and terminology to explain etiology, pathogenesis, pathology, illness’ process, diagnosis and treatment with western medicine. Acupuncture and herbal medicine are based on the same medical theories,but use different treatment methods, therefore, we briefly discuss Chinese medical theory below.

Chinese medicine is the oldest, continuously practiced, professional medicine in the world with thousand years practice experience in the clinic. It is the main health method to keep and maintain people health care and prolong life in China and eastern countries. Currently in China, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is practiced side by side with Western medicine, the practitioners of each learning the fundamentals of the other style of medicine witch treating different illness, like cold, flu, hepatitis, arthritis, pain, cancer, hypothyroidism, and hyperthyroidism… the prescription based on the lab results and patient’s sign. However, any kind disease can be treated by natural way. This way has created a better system of health care than either one of these systems alone. In our hospital, I used to be worked there, Jiangsu Province Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, an affiliated hospital of Nanjing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the World Health Organization Collaborative Center on Traditional Medicine, we are not only practice Chinese medicine and also practice western medicine for the diagnosis and treatment, we use both method on emergency room (ER), Intensive care unit (ICU) too, patients have received biggest benefit they can and avoid misdiagnosis and enhance treatment results.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a comprehensive system of medical physiological and -pathophysiological concepts, and therapeutic interventions. The primary modality of TCM is the use of an extensive pharmacopoeia of herbal and other natural products, acupuncture needles, cupping, Tuina, Taiji and Qigong, for the prevention and treatment of disease and the promotion of health. TCM, as practiced in America, is largely the product of a synthesis of herbal, needle’s prescribing methodologies extended to Japan, Korea, and Eastern countries.

Chinese medicine has thousand years practicing and researching human body without name of immunity, autoimmune diseases of western medical terminology like today. However, Chinese medical theory thought keeping yin an yang balance and thought that is the key to prevent and treat diseases that including autoimmune diseases. The balance of yin and yang as a theory that maybe just like western medicine talk about immune tolerance, homeostasis of immunity that is the key of the treatment of autoimmune disorder. Chinese medicine said: yin and yang in equilibrium, the mean is a harmonious state between yin and yang which is said to be the essential condition for maintain normal life activities and good health.

Chinese medicine targets for reversing the damaged tissues and cells but not give a mimic chemical for replacement of organ’s function.

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  1. My 11 year old son has asthma and eczmea. His pulmonologist initially prescribed Pulmicort as a preventative and Albuterol as a treatment if wheezing occurred and later substituted Advair for the Pulmicort. Over the past couple of years I have supplemented him daily with 5,000 IUs of Vitamin D, 2,300 mg of EDPA/DHA, and a probiotic. He no longer uses the Advair and needs the Alubuterol perhaps 5 times a year. He recently needed it but I believe that was simply because we were out of power for a week and had to use our wood burning fireplace. His Vit D level last checked was 54 ng/mL. His eczmea is barely visible, if at all, and does not bother him. The short of it is he has significantly reduced his need for asthma medication but I suspect all three supplements have had a hand in his improvement.

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