Mary M.

I am a 97 year-old (year 2013) women who suffered from macular degeneration, blinded for over 10 years, and was told “untreatable” from my specialists.  Because of the pain in my shoulder and knees (I had already received hip joints and right knee joint replacement a while ago), I turned to acupuncture as an alternative therapy to reduce my pain. During the treatment, Dr. Hou asked me if I was interested in receiving extra treatment for macular degeneration. Having witnessed the miraculous effects of acupuncture, I immediately agreed. She then added some acupuncture points to help my vision.  After a few sessions, The pain in my joints was greatly reduced, and my vision began to slowly recover. What is more, I have been suffering from insomnia which kept me from sleeping for more than 2 hours per night, after the treatment sessions, I realized that I could sleep for up to 5 hours!  I am feeling better day by day. The only thing that I hope for now is a peaceful life!