Hoe Chinese Medicine Treats Diseases

Wanzhu Hou January 7, 2017

Chinese medicine, including acupuncture and herbal medicine, has treated various diseases for thousands of years. Just about every disease that can be diagnosed by modern medicine has been treated or managed in some way with Chinese medicine, including pain conditions, autoimmune disorders, and cancers. Chinese medicine treatment isn’t like conventional medicine that replaces the function of damaged… continue reading »

Treating illness with Chinese Medicine naturally

admin August 31, 2015

Chinese medicine has been practicing in the clinic about five thousands years, it is the oldest with recording medicine in China and eastern countries. Ancient Chinese medicine without name of autoimmune diseases but there is many symptoms, description and treatment describing how to maintain and balance of immunity, treat autoimmune diseases and immune related diseases…. continue reading »

All Natural Medicine Institute Online Education


All Natural Medicine Institute has two major missions: conducting clinical research on the use of natural method acupuncture in North Bethesda and medical herbs to heal diseases and explaining the mechanism by modern medical technology; teaching international students to understand the fundamental knowledge and advantages of Chinese medicine. This online study is approved by NCCAOM,… continue reading »

Chinese Medicine vs. Traditional Medicine


In the US, Chinese medicine, also called alternative, complement, comprehensive, holistic medicine, or natural medicine, uses acupuncture needles and herbs to treat diseases. Chinese medicine is different from traditional western medicine in terminology, treatment methods, mechanism, and results. Chinese medicine is used to recover damaged cells (different cells sick that called different name by conventional medicine), recovering the damaged… continue reading »