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Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine in Rockville MD

Acupuncture and Medical Herbs are Your Optimum Health Choice

Here at All Natural Medicine, we offer doctors with unique techniques practicing acupuncture and herbal medicine in North Bethesda and Rockville, Maryland. We treat diseases with natural medical methods, and proven treatment results by bio-medical marks.

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Acupuncture Treatment

Entrust your health to experienced clinicians and acupuncturists utilizing comprehensive, restorative Chinese medicine. Acupuncture and natural treatments can treat most diseases, such as cancer, pain and autoimmune. Our doctors are both natural health experts and MDs (China).

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Herbal MedicineTreatment

Recover your health and restore your vitality with herbal medicine. These methods—practiced in China for thousands of years—can heal your ailments naturally. At All Natural Medicine Clinic, our goal is to rejuvenate your body through quality health care.

Acupuncture, medical herbs, cupping, Tuina and moxibustion as well as Guasa are all part of traditional Chinese treatment techniques; it is known as alternative medicine, holistic medicine, complement, comprehensive medicine,intergrative medicine, as well as natural medicine in the US.

medical specialists in both China and the United States, we treat patients, teach students and research natural medicine based on modern medical techniques. To ensure every patient gets a successful treatment results, we combine traditional western and Chinese medical knowledge together to deal with cases individually. Our treatment mainly utilizes acupuncture and medical herbs to naturally reverse the pathological state, returning the body to a normal or close to normal state, thus healing and treating diseases.

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More Than 35 Years of Clinical and Research Experience in China and the US

Our Story

All Natural Medicine Clinic in North Bethesda, Rockville, Maryland offers natural healing treatments including holistic medicine, acupuncture and medical herbs. In addition to providing a variety of natural products to our clients, our natural medicine clinic oversees multiple clinical research publications on Chinese medicine. We are able to treat and heal diseases by combining both Western and Chinese medical knowledge to ensure every single patient gets successful treatment results.   

Contact us in North Bethesda or Rockville, Maryland for your treatment using time-proven treatment from our All Natural Medicine Clinic. If you have been dealing with illnesses without a solution, you can contact us to find out the answer here!

Come visit All Natural Medicine Clinic in North Bethesda, MD for our herbal medicine and acupuncture treatments.